Can I Avoid the Flu Without Getting the Flu Shot?

If you are an overall healthy person and don’t often get sick, that is amazing! Your health is your greatest asset, and you should never take it for granted.

That said, getting sick is not always preventable, and even if you have a history of staying healthy during this time of year, it is not a guarantee. The flu, COVID-19 and strep throat are all around us all of the time, so the chance that you will get sick is always there.

Getting your annual flu shot at AFC Urgent Care Mooresville can help you stay healthy!

What Does the Flu Shot Do?

Influenza circulates through our community all of the time and typically peaks during the fall and winter seasons when we spend more of our time indoors. You will most likely come into contact with it at some point this season, but if you have the flu shot, your body can help fight off the infection!

The flu shot contains bits of deactivated influenza virus, which kickstarts an immune response in your body to build antibodies against it. These antibodies take about two weeks to develop, but once you have them, your body will be able to recognize the flu and fight it off faster and more effectively.

Why You Should Get the Flu Shot

  • It reduces your risk of death from the flu.
  • It can control symptom severity if you do get sick.
  • It can reduce the amount of days you are sick.
  • It can help with herd immunity.

Will the Flu Shot Make Me Sick?

The flu shot cannot give you the flu because there is no live virus in it. You may feel run down for a day or two afterward, but that is just a sign that your body is working hard to create those antibodies. If you come down with the actual flu within that two-week window, you were bound to get the flu anyway as those antibodies were not fully formed yet.

The majority of people will just experience minor to moderate symptoms and will make a full recovery after about a week or so. Keep an eye on how you feel and come see us if your fever reaches over 103 degrees or you are experiencing shortness of breath.

Tips for a Flu-Free Year

  • Get your annual flu shot.
  • Wash hands regularly for 20 seconds each time with warm water and soap.
  • Avoid others if they are sick.
  • Eat well and stay hydrated.
  • Make sleep a priority.

We want you to stay healthy! When you are ready for your annual flu shot, come see us at AFC Urgent Care Mooresville.