Living an active lifestyle is encouraged throughout your life, but that also means opening yourself up to the possibility of injury while you are going about your day. Injuries can happen anywhere, from a fall in the bathroom to a trip down the stairs. As you pick yourself up off the floor, a searing pain in your wrist or ankle can have you wondering the extent of your injury. Read on →

There is no doubt about it—life is busy. While your days are full of meal prep, work, chauffeuring your kids around and helping with homework, it can be easy to just fall into a routine of sitting on the couch in the evening in front of the TV. While we all need to destress and relax after work, there are other things you can do that are relaxing as well as challenging your body and mind. Read on →

A cancer diagnosis is always scary and can feel overwhelming no matter what type of cancer you are diagnosed with. While some cancers can go undetected for a long time, thankfully many cases will show signs that indicate something is amiss. One of the indications that further investigation is required is when you discover a change to your skin or an evolving mole. Our AFC Urgent Care Mooresville team wants you to know the signs of skin cancer so you can take action quickly, so read on to learn the facts. Read on →

If you have ever had a salmonella infection before, you know how unpleasant they can be! Salmonella bacteria infect the intestinal tract and can cause gastrointestinal symptoms that are really frustrating to deal with. Salmonella infections are a type of food poisoning you can contract when you come into contact with contaminated food or water. It often shares similar symptoms with common stomach bugs, so it can be hard to tell the difference on your own. Read on →

If you are one of the many millions of Americans who experience seasonal allergies, this current season is probably not your favorite. Spring is one of the most common seasons to suffer from seasonal allergy flare-ups due to the rise of pollen in the air. Seasonal allergies can range from being a minor nuisance to causing you to miss work or school due to being so miserable. If you are looking to find some reliable relief from your symptoms, our AFC Urgent Care Mooresville team gives some helpful tips below. Read on →

Any time we notice a new ache or pain anywhere on our bodies, it can be concerning. After all, your health is your greatest asset! There could be many reasons for pain, including ear pain. A recent trip, seasonal allergies and even a change in elevation can cause discomfort. Ear pain can also be an indication of an ear infection, so it is important to understand more about how they begin and how you can treat them. Read on →

The ingenuity and determination of our community helped everyone navigate the pandemic over the last few years. You all rolled with the changes and accepted a new way of life to keep everyone as safe as possible! Now that the pandemic’s emergency status is set to expire in May, there are a few things that will go back to normal. There will be changes to the way that telemedicine is offered, for example. Read on →

When you come to see us for a health evaluation, we often ask you how many hours of sleep you get at night. We aren’t trying to get too personal, but the answer you give us is really important! Sleep is a crucial bodily function that we need in order to support our entire bodies, both physically and mentally. Quality sleep helps us function at our best, maintain a proper weight and can even impact how we learn things during the day. Read on →

Many infections tend to be more widespread in the winter months. In addition to common illnesses like colds and influenza, upper respiratory infections like bronchitis and pneumonia are also possible. If you wake up one morning with a new cough or are feeling pressure in your chest, keep an eye on your symptoms! While the majority of bronchitis and pneumonia cases stay mild to moderate and never require prompt medical attention, they can sometimes become severe. Read on →

The winter season can bring about a lot of changes to our lives. We are spending more time indoors, perhaps seeing less people and doing less activities, and that can cause a lot of mood changes! While having the winter blues every so often is not usually a cause for concern, there is a specific disorder that is linked to the change in season that you need to be on the lookout for. Read on →